Grease Attack is a family owned business, managed by Glenn Billson.
We provide a full range of professional cleaning services for all types of commercial kitchens.
Our Services include Canopy Exhaust System cleaning- Fans and Flues as well as full Kitchen cleans, in any type of business that has a commercial kitchen. We service venues such as Restaurants, Pubs, Wineries, Cafes, Reception/Function Centres, Schools, Child Care Centres, Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities and much more. One of the main purposes is to ensure that your business is complying with the National Fire Code and is also fulfilling your requirements set out by your Insurance Company.
We provide a free on-site quote for every job. We will discuss with the owner/manager what our cleaning process will be. Detailed information will be provided of how the canopies, ducts and/or fans will be cleaned. Depending on the amount of cooking that is done in your kitchen and taking into account the number of fans operating and also how much excessive fat and oil we collect, we will determine how often you should have your canopy and exhaust system cleaned. Traditionally we would need to revisit your premises every six months to clean the canopies and every 12 months to clean your fans and/or flues.

Grease Attack service the Melbourne Metropolitan area, CBD, and surrounding suburbs. We also service Rural areas in Victoria and NSW.


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